Oh my goodness, I can't believe I'm doing this. I absolutely LOVE this wiki and its been so great to see it grow. No, I'm not leaving. At points though I may become extremely inactive, and post rarely. For the benefit of this wiki, I am putting my position as a B'crat on this wiki up for vote. Lately I have been extremely inactive and probably will be in the future. I have commitments to school, band, soccer, and my family. I have little time to relax, and I do have TV shows that I really enjoy watching. I WILL try to become more active, but this may only result in a roleplay post or two everyday. It may result to me somewhat getting back to my activity, but this might not happen. I don't want to be demoted, this might just be what the wiki needs. If I AM demoted, I believe Sorrel might be ready to take my place, and Dawn possibly become an admin. If I do get demoted, I ask that I may at least keep the rank of admin/rb so I can still benifit as much as I can. The fact that inactivity still might be highly possible, I reccomend another admin as well, which is where Dawn could come in. These are just POSSIBLE changes that might happen, if I get demoted. These changes will/might not be made. If I don't get demoted, which I hope I won't, I will try to work very hard to still be a good member of this wiki and it's staff. So, it's in your hands. Please vote either Check_256.png or Delete_16.png, and please, PLEASE think this through. As I've said, I don't WANT to be demoted, I just want whats best for this wiki.