The wiki has adapted and it's become more active. This means more people come to check out the wiki. That means it should be interesting looking, like the design should be impressive. Yes, right now it's the easy, nice color of green (green is great for soothing the eyes), but it's not what others would find "interesting." I know what I'm saying seems vague at the moment, but I'll get to the point. I'm not trying to say the wiki isn't good (it's fun, and the RP is exciting) but, what I'm trying to say is, the wiki design is kinda... Bland. My older wiki design was crappier than it is now (thanks to Wolf, the design is better than it was before) but I don't think plain green is going to really fit in with the RP. Right now, the wiki title thingy is this:


It isn't very amazing, huh? It's still better than before, but it needs more work. The spirals may make it a bit more exciting, but it isn't much.

And then the icon


Just the W from WotB books.

I just had an idea, it doesn't mean it will happen for sure, but it's an idea.

So, we know most of us are artists, right? I just want everyone that's here right now to pitch in as much as they can! If you aren't artists, that's absolutely fine! Give us ideas! I just don't want this to be just the admins. I'm a horrible artist, but I'm getting better at it, so I'll still add some things of my own. The BG can be of different drawings of wolves/owls (I'll get to the owls) from different users! If you're good at templates please tell me, I need your help! I know a couple good templates (I use a couple on my user page) but we could have TONS. For things like the icon and the title thingy (or home link, whatever you want to call it) the admins would have to do that, sorry, but it's a single picture each. You can give ideas, though. There would be a lot of voting.


I call my new wiki design idea Wolves of the Beyond Roleplay Wiki 2.0 (WotB RP Wiki 2.0 for short). I'll create a certain page where the voting and ideas would go. 


To long;didn't read?

Then I'll paraphrase:

The wiki is going to change, big time. We will put other user's ideas for some designing of the wiki.

Remember: You do not have to participate!

I am asking way too much already! This is only for users who wish to show their ideas and art. Of course I will keep and area giving all the users credit for their art.

Now, I just need you all to vote:

Should there be a WotB RP 2.0?

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Voting has ended.