MacAonair is the easy-going clan of the beyond. They are proud and wily, and are very independent.



Enum - A vicious and very selfish wolf. He has a beautiful silver coat and glistening green eyes with deep dark hatred visibly seen in them. Specifically hates the Fengo, Fies. RPer: Edme


Mabaa - Large, bulky, handsome, gray-colored wolf. RPer: Wolf

Byrrigis Leaders:

Zeeb - Black male wolf with green eyes. RPer: Faolanmacduncan


Mayla - Small, elegant, pale amber coloured she-wolf with paler cream legs, chest and belly and light blue eyes. RPer: Sorrel

Marina - small gray she-wolf with white paws, jet black tail and ears, with bright blue eyes. RPer: Cinder

Gnaw Wolves:

Arilana - bright, golden she-wolf with green eyes. Twisted right front paw. RPer: Lachlana

Carni - Pale gray she-wolf with darker gray snout, paws, and tail with forest green eyes. Has no ears. RPer: Faolanmacduncan

Rigo - dark smoky gray male-wolf with amber eyes. RPer: Dawn


Broekk - small female pup with green eyes. Mother killed. RPer: Edme



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