The rules of the wiki! 

  • No cursing on the RPs (a little mild swearing is allowed in chat).
  • Absolutely no RPing someone else's character.
  • Be fair and nice to other people on the wiki.
  • During fights, the two people must agree who wins beforehand.
  • You cannot kill someone else's RPer without permission.
  • You may not disfigure (I.e. scar, break bones, very serious wounds) someone else's wolf without permission from the user.
  • No advertising for any other site on this wiki without permission from an admin.
  • You must add the correct categories.
  • You can not post useless RP posts.  
  • You cannot post excessive violence and gore repeatedly anywhere on the wiki.


(I can't seperate them DX) Let's say a user named "Walrus" is making useless edits. Walrus would get this on his message wall:

First he would get this:

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